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Your New Year’s Eve Proposal

New Year’s Eve is one of the most special days of the year, with flowing champagne, twinkling lights, and an air of celebration all around! It’s also the perfect time to make plans for the future, so what better date than New Year’s Eve for an unforgettable wedding proposal? We’ve put together the best New Year’s wedding proposal ideas so you can create an unforgettable experience for your partner that will be remembered for a lifetime.


New Year’s Wedding Proposal Ideas

The most important aspect to getting the classic countdown proposal right is finding the perfect backdrop to enjoy New Year’s Eve together. You could choose to do it at a party surrounded by your loved ones, perhaps enjoy a romantic walk along the beach together or simply be at home in the backyard enjoying the fireworks. Wherever you choose to propose on New Year’s Eve, make sure it’s not too loud or noisy. Otherwise, your beloved won’t be able to hear any romantic words you’ve prepared!


Public Proposal

It’s a classic idea for a reason, a public Countdown to Midnight proposal is a surefire way to guarantee a yes from your partner. Enjoy the 10-second countdown together and then on the stroke of midnight, get down on one knee! Once you’ve popped the question, carefully present a stunning engagement ring to your new fiancee.


Private Proposal

A unique New Year's Wedding Proposal ideas is with a list of New Year Resolutions
#5 Marry My Best Friend

If you like to keep your romantic life just between you and your partner, then a secluded private New Year’s wedding proposal might be a better choice for you. The New Year’s Resolution proposal is the ultimate in romance.

First, you’ll want to set the scene for just the two of you, perhaps with softly lit candles, scattered rose petals, and a lovingly-prepared homemade dinner paired with their favorite wine. Or maybe, if you’re on vacation, you might want to talk to your hotel’s reception for some help decorating your hotel room and arranging room service.

Then, while you’re enjoying a romantic dinner together, slowly pull out a list of your New Year’s resolutions and ask her to read it. Make sure you write the list beforehand and keep it short, with no more than five items on the list. You’ll want the list of resolutions to end with ‘5. Marry my best friend’. Watch her face light up in surprise as she reads the last line! Make sure you’re ready to give her the engagement ring of her dreams.


Heartfelt Proposal Surprise

Our final New Year’s proposal ideal is to plan a surprise with a party surrounded by your friends and family.

A surprise New Year's Proposal idea, celebrating with friends
Celebrate with Family and Friends

Of all our wedding proposal ideas, this will need the most planning. In fact, you might need some help arranging the party. While planning the party, don’t forget to also prepare a short but meaningful speech of how your relationship together has evolved. You could talk about the incredible journey you’ve been on together. You could mention how life’s challenges or COVID-19 have only strengthened your bond to make your relationship even better. Finally, finish the speech with a promise to stand by her side for the rest of your lives.

To make the New Year’s Wedding Proposal experience even more special, you could plan to propose to her just before midnight. Then once you’ve proposed, have all her friends and family surprise her straight after! This heartfelt proposal idea is sure to be an incredible way to celebrate the coming new year!


Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Whichever New Year’s Wedding Proposal idea you choose for New Year’s Eve, you’re going to need the perfect engagement ring to accompany it. Brilliance has an incredible selection of engagement rings to offer. Visit website The Luxurio to browse our beautiful engagement rings.


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